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Every single day in America at least 27 veterans and First Responders take their own lives.
Join the fight to END27 today.
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Every day, Americans of all backgrounds and persuasions enjoy their lives under the protection of American servicemen and servicewomen. At a growing rate, we are failing at least 27 every day who have provided our shield and will lose their own life, at their hand, due to the sense of hopeless and despair associated with PTS.
The disproportionate and unacceptable rate of suicide among veterans is only one of the health-related challenges they face. The obstacles within the VA system associated with prescription drugs are vast and pervasive. There is a problem of suicide and PTSD that brings us together this month and today, and with your help, we plan on doing something about it.
What WE DO
At END27, we have research and clinical evidence that supports the effectiveness of a holistic approach to PTSD treatment and alleviation. There are numerous special programs / modalities / services that we as a community have founds beneficial and healing. Medical practitioners, specialists, care providers, doctors of every area advising or directing our initiatives.
A social safety net comprised of caring and informed family, friends, churches, Veteran Non-Profits and other groups also plays a critical role as part of that holistic solution.
We know that a comprehensive, systematic, science & support-based approach to treating PTS will significantly reduce the rate of Veteran suicide within the group of people who risk their lives to save our lives.
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Take the Pledge

A Veteran Initiative from Awareness to Action

We need to ask every American to enlist in a civilian army formed to fight for the health of
every American man and woman who has served this nation in uniform. 

We will keep you apprised as to our efforts, and sometime within the next 60 days we are going to call you to active service. We will ask you to contact representatives, senators, journalists, neighbors, and rally them to our program. We will ask you to contact our President and ask him to support our program. We will ask you to let your elected leaders know that they need to open their doors to us in Washington and not just listen to us, not just take us into consideration, but to work with us to implement real change in how we treat our returning service people in every aspect of their healthcare.
We want Kanye to work with Jay-Z. We want Rand Paul to work with Dick Durbin. We want Trump supporters to work with Clinton supporters. No matter what our differences are, we would not be able to express them without the protection of the American soldier. They volunteer to risk their lives on the battlefield to protect the lives of every American. They did not volunteer to lose their life at the hands of a medical system that seemingly can’t protect them.
Everybody enjoys the freedoms thanks to their sacrifices. Everybody says they love our troops. Everybody acknowledges the current system of health care isn’t working for them. Everybody knows that the private healthcare system performs better.
It is time for everybody to do something about it. We ask that today fill out the form below and follow us on social media at twitter @End27Now and 

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